Google Glass finally hits the US markets, Check it now!

Google glass, a product that looks just like a pair of normal reading glasses hits the USA markets today at a price of $1500. However, the actual hardware cost of the product is just around $152 (as suggested by Wall Street Journal). Google Glass seems to have taken the technology to a completely new level where it allows people to access their work while running, eating, traveling, playing and anytime from anywhere. The work and online entertainment will always be in front of their eyes 24×7. It works on a newly created operating system named GXP Xplorer (developed by google exclusively for this product).

Google GlassEarlier, Google had also initiated the one-day open sale in the market at a same price of $1,500 where the concept actually sold massively and it was able to create havoc in minds of the US people. Now, for those who missed out on that sale, it’s good news as today it is hitting the market again. So for those who like to sit in front of the laptop all the time, it shall be a big hit.

Even though being a completely new technology keeping in mind that the audience is a gadget freak and always ready to explore the latest gadget in the market, people are unhappy and with the price kept by google, the local people of the country have received very few positive responses. Main reasons for disappointment are as follows:

  • It is an unsafe product especially at the time of driving and crossing roads.
  • Battery life is too short (just 2 hrs.) and in the current stage, it does not work with IPhone.
  • Currently, its hard to get images on its screen

So friends, you can check out on YouTube about what the product is and how it works. Though Google needs to work a lot and hard to improve and build on the concept. Also, google seriously need a brainstorming about reducing the price of the product to keep it open for all. But it can definitely be a good choice for people who are gadget freaks and just want to buy anything and everything new that hit the market. So go and explore the ‘new eye of Google’ on YouTube till it hits the Indian market and make the plan to buy one soon.




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